Nir Tichon

Hi there, I’m Nir Tichon, 22 years old, goalie in the Top Division of Israel Ice Hockey League.

I started working with coach Garman few months ago, and I don’t think I can describe how much I feel better with my game, plus the fact the I became one of the top goalies in the Israeli League. since I started working with him, I’ve been invited to multiple National Team tryouts.

Just for some statistics, before I started working with him, I held 0.881% save percentage, and today, I hold a national record of 0.912% save percentage and rising.

Coach Garman really believes that anyone that wants to become their best should have the tools the do that, and I believe that with his experience, he can help goalies that want to, become their best.

He gives a lot of insights, and extremely helpful video analysis. he has very good and easy to understand guides about everything a goalie needs, from interviews with pro goalies, to easy to read and understand texts. he has it all, from what to eat, how much to sleep, what drills you should do on and off the ice, everything. he uploads videos that explains the most updated technique of pro goalies, and how to do and work on them. he believes that everything is possible if you try hard enough.

I can honestly say that beside the fact he made me a better goalie, he helped me with a lot of personal issues as well. he is the best coach I ever had, and by far the most supportive. I don’t want to try and convince you to do stuff, but I just want you take a chance, and to let him show you how good of a coach and a mentor he is. I don’t ask it for him, I ask it as a favor for me, and for yourself.

Matthew McCllelan

Coach Garman has a unique way of explaining the professional goaltending techniques in an easy to understand and easy to apply method.  His fun, knowledgable approach is the best approach to training that I have ever seen.  Coach Michael is a real pro and his attitude shows it on and off the ice.  I would suggest scheduling ice time training with him and following his online training sessions as well.  Not every day will an opportunity come along where true pro’s take the time to teach the secret tips and techniques that took them to the top of there game.  Michael is the most dynamic goaltending coach to hit the U.S. in a long time.  Follow him, observe, learn, apply and win with confidence!


Hi Coach Garman,

I am a goalie mom and am happy to be a GoaliebyGarman Insider.  I wanted to better understand what my son Shane faces as a young goalie.  When I told him about your “Get 1% Better Today” he was like, “yeah, I can do that!”  Those four little words were so powerful because it felt attainable to him.  It wasn’t like the big mountain of ‘win this championship or tournament’.  Thank you for giving him such a huge confidence boost!


Nick Bucklin

Hey coach after reading your story about being in a small town to playing AAA it really helped me understand what I should do for my next upcoming seasons. I am also from a small town but in North Dakota almost everyone plays hockey here and at a young age. The first time I laced up the skates was when I was two. My dad made a small outdoor rink in our backyard and I would skate out there for hours. I developed pretty quick and was a good skater for my age. I wanted to be on offense because I loved score goals but the problem was I had an older brother who had been playing league hockey for a couple of years. Long story short he needed someone to shoot on so I became the goalie in the family. My first team I played for I thought the same thing you did wow those pads look sick I want them, but we didn’t draw names we just passed the pads around. When it was my turn my first game in net, I got a shutout a 4-0 win and I loved that feeling so I never gave the pads back and kept them for the rest of the season. I faced a lot of adversity, I was small and weaker than a lot of other kids when I was 13-14 and sometimes made the lower teams like b-1 or a-2,but I didn’t give up I let my body develop and kept working on getting better and the next year I made my towns highest level bantam AA. Now I’m playing high school and didn’t know what I was going in for, I have been asked to play for tier 1 teams and didn’t knew where I should go but I decide to stay at home playing high school. I didn’t get to play that much and didn’t have the best season but that’s when I first sorted talking to you and you told me everyone goes through it even you and just keep your head up and get 1% better every day. Every time I step on the ice that sayings in the back my head telling me if I get 1% better everyday I’m that much closer to reaching my goal. I want to say thank you Coach Garman for helping through this season I appreciate every word.

Nicolas Redmond

Keeping it short and sweet I couldn’t choose just one story or technique because I relate to all of them. I have probably just came off my hardest season ever both physically and mentally and when I read through your emails It gives me hope that it will get better and it is all worth it.

Andrew Braga

You have truly given us a blueprint for the transformation process that needs to take place and by implementing your teachings the sky is truly the limit!! Thanks again…Andrew.


Dear Coach,

Ever since I started receiving your emails my game has improved a ton! Two of my most outstanding games I’ve played were after I started getting your email. I started in state too(I played Bantam AA). I’ve actually been invited to a ‘u16 elite’ team’s development camp (coming soon) and try out. I’ve only been played goalie for 3 seasons now!

Ross Jones

I am always intrigued by learning new ways of improving my game, so I tend to ask a lot of questions! So far, since I’ve only been a part of GoaliebyGarmin for a day or two, you have helped me by giving me an article to read about staying focus when the pressure is on by talking to myself. I will definitely use this method during pressure situations or when I am nervous before a game, like the one I am having this weekend!

Thanks again, Coach!

Spencer Boudreau

I really like the workout that you planned Out so thanks for that and those story’s your career were really inspiring

Pedro Fernandez

Thank you for all the helpful tips and conversation. Adam made his triple A team

Ulysses Palomares

Hey, just wanted to say thank you for your report on How to Stand Like a Pro! It’s helped my game tremendously! I’m tracking the puck better no doubt, and I’m making more glove and blocker saves now too! Thank you for all of the reports you’ve made so far, they’ve helped me out a lot!

Brian Sulz

Dear Coach Garman,

You have helped me a lot this year even thought it was a hard year. Being third string on my team really hurt my confidence as a goalie. I tired to keep a smile on my face the whole year but deep down I was hurt and hungry for more playing time. So I started to go to the gym and lost 40 pounds but it still wasn’t good enough and then I saw you on Instagram and found your advice. You are helping me shape myself into a better goalie with positioning and breakaway advice, how a goalies mindset should be and many other things. This summer once I’m on summer break I plan to train a whole lot. My goal is to become the starter for my team next year and reading your stories about how you were a backup in college made me realize how much better I became because I was third string. Anyways thanks for the advice and keep emailing and posting videos on YouTube.


Anyway your tips give me a lot. I can hear those little details which stands between me and my developing but you have shared your story which makes me understand that I’m not the only one who is struggling about those things. And those training methods are good help to get me more focused and not to overplay. I’ll focus on those little things on ice everyday and I think I would see the difference quickly. Like you said: get 1% better everyday.

Joey Greilich 

Hello coach, my name is Joey Greilich. I am a Freshman in High school in Mukwonago, WI. I’ve never imagined somebody to give up all of there time the way you do, to dedicate their life to teaching and mentoring a bunch of kids how to play hockey and training them to always get 1% better everyday.  But next season, I will be a sophomore and our other goalie will be a senior, I seek to gain lots of skill and beat him out for the starting position. He’s a very good goalie but I truly believe that I’m not for behind and that I have the potential to beat him out next season if I get the help from your academy. I am probably one of the most dedicated and hard working kids that you’ll ever meet, my coach marked those words at our team banquet and I am willing to prove that to you as well. I hope you read through this entire email and consider having me as the winner, it would be an honor to work with a coach like you.

Bryce Dunnigan

After reading How to Use Challenges to Your Advantage, it inspired me to work hard no matter what and there are no excuses by how you play. And I tried that out on a spring hockey AA team try outs and I made it! Thank you for taking time out of your day to write these amazing articles.

Jonathon Aguilar 

After reading “My Journey To Juniors” I have been so motivated and confident I have gotten better and better after every time I’m on the ice. Now from being a 16AA goalie in California I am not in the process of getting a full ride scholarship to Princeton University this summer !! THANKS COACH!!

Austin Campbell

Hey Coach Garman,

Your technical analysis of me playing has reinforced how I feel about the great aspects of my game, in addition to providing me specific skills that I can focus on improving. This season, I believe that I have played my best hockey yet!

I appreciate your help and am excited for the opportunities that I will create next year.

Cole Whiston

Hey the fact that you do this is better then what a lot of other goalie coaches would do.. So thank you for that. Thanks to your help you make me a more confident goalie!


Is it to late? Maybe to get to a pro league, but not to play like a pro goalie. Since I was a kid and saw the Winter Olympics I wanted to be A goalie…but being in Mexico it was something very rare There was a hockey league but I knew nothing until I was 16 So I had a year to become pro…its been a long time now I know  It would be a miracle to get to a pro league, (by the way I did tryouts  for a pro team some nine years ago) but I still can improve my game!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for this opportunity

Grace Smith

Hi Coach Garman,

I am writing my testimonial about how you have helped me out and put time into responding to my emails and reaching out to summer camps around my area for me to do this summer! You have also encouraged me that if I work hard to achieve excellence, then I will get there. Getting the notification of a new GoaliebyGarman email makes me jump out of my seat and drop everything to read it. You’re very inspiring and I appreciate all that you do for goalies like us, just doing what we love to do!



You’ve helped me by letting me become more focused on the game and controlling negative thoughts or doubts that might suddenly come up. All I have to do is talk to myself in a positive way and I’m re focused on the game for the better. This makes the game more fun for me.


Anthony Lancellotti

Your stories have been both helpful and entertaining.  Your last chapter on your early years at Cornell have enlightened me on how college hockey might be for myself. Ever since I started playing hockey I was a starting goalie, having only few circumstances where my job was on the wire. Knowing that my situation will be different playing at a higher level, I will prepare myself for whatever role I may be given.  If I remain a back up for the first year or two I will use it to my advantage to better myself and maintain a positive mentality.

James Tomlin

You have been so helpful with my choice to keep pushing to get far in the game even though I am in my high teens. I am glad I found you and that you were able to help me with all my questions. You have been most helpful with my off-season training. I have been able to learn new techniques and apply them to my off-season training games. I thank you for this and you have directed me to expand my goaltending skills and universe by showing me reading material with new techniques and training to try. I already started to see a difference by only letting in 3 goals in four games. Big help thank you.



Last weekend was our province’s championship and I took this awesome opportunity to put in practice every trick you had given me so far (of course I followed your advice before, but all those tips about pressure and stress were right on time). And I’m proud to say that hard work paid of! We won 2-1 in OT, and I made a couple of awesome saves. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved this season, and I can’t wait to start my summer training! I’m trying out of AA next year, and I’m 100% sure all your pro tips will be useful for training camp (and the rest of the season of course).

Zak Langford

Thanks for responding to my questions and continuously writing about the next level. Your inspiration for helping others has taken my game to the next level!

Ryan Creenan

We’ve talked goalie a few times since this October and I can honestly say I’ve learned a lot. Many of your experiences have helped me gauge my decisions pertaining to college and or junior hockey. I remember in particular I played the second half of a high school game and we had recently talked about my high school season. I wasn’t playing and my mental game suffered as a result. My stance hit lower and crablike and I was insistently jittery in net. This lack of time made it so if I ever got ice time I needed to be perfect which is the worst mental composure to have when trying to take control of a lost game. I had a bad outing and finished with a horrendous 4-19 ratio. I came home defeated and down, I thought If I couldn’t beat high school shooters how was I going to play juniors in the coming years. Then I went on Instagram to try and take my mind off of hockey and the first post I saw was one of yours, “no matter what, always remember, I am a great goalie.” I had been working incredibly hard for about a year and I got better but I wasn’t seeing where my work was going I made a junior team in the NA3AHL and have since received camp invited for both NCAA D1 schools as well as a few prospect and pre draft NAHL camps. Without those quotes or little lessons on positioning or just simple advice I don’t know if I’d be in this position right now.

Declan Rooney

I wanted to thank you for responding to my emails and answering my questions. It feels great to know that you’re there to help.
 Also, I wanted to say I have been using the shootout move you (and Ben Scrivens) taught me from the article on InGoalMagazine. I’ve been having great success with it, and players are finding it very tough to get past me with the hesitation at the top of the crease. And as you said in the article, the slide to the post becomes the most important part of the move.


You are an amazing guy and you played hockey for Cornell which is very close to where I live and with all the questions I have asked you I have gotten the best answer and u even made a video regarding one of my videos. It is always great to get the best advice from a guy like you and I really thank you for that.

Anthony Shrum

By reading about your journey that you had and to make it the way you did gave me confidence I could do the same.  I always felt that I can’t get my name out there to everyone or no one knows who I am but from where you came from and what you did is great. I know I can make it happen now.

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